Experience History through Video Games

Though the actual games are ahistorical, the Assassin’s Creed games also include well-researched guided-tours of their diverse historical settings like this Egyptian one.

Games, like any creative medium, have used the events and settings of history for inspiration. However, as intrinsically interactive experiences they offer an unique lens to experience it.

Staying in Egypt, the city-building game Pharoah & Cleopatra required planning against the perennial flooding of the Nile and the fertile soil it left in its wake.

An imagining of the 3300-year-old river port of Abu Simbel

The Civilopedia is the Civilization series’ in-game encyclopedia. It details the many historical figures, nations, technologies, and great wonders that feature in their games.

The most interesting however, are the Europa Universalis series of games that are currently being used in Blended-learning courses.

These games let players guide nations through historical time-periods while needing to manage your economy, internal factions, and external geopolitics. Moreover the influential nations of the time-period have sequential “Mission trees” that elucidate their ambitions and how they set about achieving them.

On the left are some of the missions of the great Mughal Empire. Founded in 1526, they’d go on to conquer and rule most of India.